REPAIRS & Refurbished Equipment

We’ve Got Your Back Before You Stack Full-service hydraulic equipment refurbishment


Don’t fall victim to costly onsite repairs or heavily worked, abused equipment. No matter what the market environment, you don’t want to send your hydraulic power unit (HPU) out on your stacked rig without refurbishment.

Your HPU is the heart of your drilling rig, and time spent out of service leaves its components weak. Exposure to the elements or improper storage can further damage your stacked or aged HPU — even making it un-repairable. 

Comprehensive Diagnostic  

Hydraulic Systems can diagnose and repair your HPU or other hydraulic equipment at one of our two fully equipped locations. Every system is completely or partially torn down to ensure that all components are checked Thoroughly and repair or replaced as needed. This helps cost by only replacing what’s needed and helping you get your system back up and running.

Oil Analysis

Before running any equipment, Hydraulic Systems performs a five-point inspection to ensure all hydraulic oil meets the specification of the valve or pumps it carries. If it’s not up to spec, we will remove all the oil and hand-clean the tank, change all the filters, and add new oil or filter the original oil back into the reservoir if it’s salvageable. 

Component Analysis

Our test bench can assess the lifespan of your motor or pump by capturing gallons per minute and maximum system pressure. By better understanding the life of the component, we can determine how well it’s functioning and whether it needs to be replaced. Our expert team repairs any seal leaks or internal damage they discover throughout testing. If a component is rebuilt, it will undergo pressure testing to ensure it’s operating at maximum capacity.

Hoses, Quick-Disconnect, and Gauge Analysis

Hydraulic Systems reviews hoses, gauges, and quick-disconnect to check for oxidation and test pressure, helping to ensure your crew is safe and your HPU is in running order.

Questions about your hydraulic systems? Give us a call at 832-791-5006 to schedule an appointment.

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