Walking Systems

Designed to "Safety First" features, the remote control eliminates manually adjusting the foot direction and removes rig hands from tight spaces. The feet are rotated with a remote system and rig hands are no longer required to make manual adjustments during the walking process. The system can be set to repeat the walking cycles automatically for smoother movement and faster walking.

Intelligent Walking Automation featuring:

• Cruise Control Auto Walk

• Automatic Stomper Rotation for 360° Movement Improved Auto Level Lift with Load Sense Behind the Scenes Directional Correction Maximized lift-n-skid with reduced time

• Comprehensive Data Logging

• Reductant Control Interfaces including a family of wireless remote, a Master Panel, Touch Screen, and manual actuation

• PM Modules and Remote Monitoring Control Interface into Drillers Cabin, Corp Support office and elsewhere is available


Automated Walking System

Retrofit your existing walking system

Design to Safety First Features